Thursday, 12 April 2012


I love spinning at salsa - it feels so natural to me, coming from a ballet background. Other dancers have to be taught to 'spot-turn' (to focus on one point to stop you getting dizzy) when it never occurred to me to spin otherwise. It is one thing I am known for at salsa - I am Spin Girl!

I also laugh a lot which puts a lot of people off. But this is why I love dancing so much. I laugh constantly and everything melts away but the beat and there is no time to think which, much of the time, is exactly what I need. My friends outside salsa do not understand why I throw myself into it.

The reason is impossible to put into words (at least for my mind at present) - not through lack of trying! Some kind of temporary catharsis occurs when I don my dance shoes.

Two, three, even four nights a week I can fall into bed feeling genuinely happy, even with aching feet.

No alcohol, no drugs... just dancing to the beat of the cowbell.


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