Monday, 9 April 2012


How many books am I reading? How many have I started and bookmarked? I have a compulsion that leads me into Oxfam bookshop whenever possible, I find an amazing book, start reading, then put it down. That's it. That's as far as it goes.

I need a new bookshelf. I have actually run out of space. Mum asked if I buy the classics because I want to look intelligent. I want to buy the classics because I want to find out why they have survived so long. Ok so some of them are really quite dull (not mentioning any names, Bronte and Dickens - sorry!) but I want to say I have read them.

I do love the ultimate classics by Homer, Socrates, Euripides etc. because they are the basis for all modern literature. They are beautiful, usually in a violent, bloodthirsty way but the stories have survived through the ages, from word-of-mouth all the way through to the printed word.

I find that incredible.

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