Tuesday, 13 March 2012


The time has come to make a concerted effort to find a new job. The universe has been poking me for months and it's time for me to poke back. But I hate filling in applications. "Why do you want this job?" "Because I hate my current job, I am smarter than my entire department put together and I deserve something better."

While this is true, strangely, I am not sure this approach will work.

I need something stimulating. Something challenging. What I do not need is to be a scapegoat for other peoples mistakes, or an in-tray for stray pieces of work.

The funny thing is, I love monotony. I love data-entry, archiving, filing... all the things 'normal' people find horribly dull. I think I should be paid more for doing things no one else enjoys. Like crime-scene clean-ups. They get paid lots. Not that I am comparing archiving with cleaning up after dead people, although, if a lot of books are written by dead people...

I digress.

I am even thinking of applying to Waterstones or some such establishment. Bearing in mind I am probably earning about the same as a sales assistant at least I would be somewhere interesting and I would get to play with booooooks! The perfect place to embrace my bibliophilia (I love that word!)

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