Wednesday, 20 June 2012


YJust write. I just need to write. I am hiding in my empty dance classroom while everyone dances next door. The red and orange lights and the deep bass of kizomba music makes me feel... I don't know... Safe? Happy? Calm?

I am finding, at the moment, the music is more affecting than the dancing. I find I am now thinking too much on the dancefloor. Not about anything important (that is impossible) but about my body, the way it moves, the things I can't do with it. The things I know i CAN do with it, but my feet are not under my control.

I got dizzy in the class tonight. I never get dizzy (the benefit of a ballet background) but tonight I nearly collapsed. I blame a muscle spasm in my neck (which is very real) but what if that isn't it? I'm being overdramatic again.

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  1. If one person is interested in your words, can you call yourself a writer ?