Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Here Goes...

One night, sitting with a couple of bottles and a friend discussing my creative drought it was suggested I start a blog. Now, being the kind of person I am it has taken me over a week to decide on colour schemes, fonts, text sizes (which I am still not sure about)... constantly putting off the moment to start writing. But here it is...

All my life I have thought of myself as a writer, but for months I have not anything of note. I think about words constantly - how they fit together, how they roll off the tongue... my mind is perpetually buzzing, only with other people's words. Why can I not find any of my own?

There is much in my life that bears amazing creative potential, be it happy, sad, exciting, confusing, dark, but I am unable or subconsciously unwilling to grasp it and I am on the verge of physical pain. There seems to be a very real force preventing my pencil from hitting paper.

I do hope, as my friend suggests, this blog will help to ease the frustration and at least keep me writing, even if it is mindless dribble, for which I apologise now. Please accept this as my disclaimer - read on at your peril!

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